Biometrics is now penning a new chapter in authentication methods around the globe stated by Bahaa Abdul Hadi. The field of biometrics is projected to proliferate and expand by millions of worth of dollars in the next decade. We analyse the most promising trends and innovations related to biometrics in the upcoming years.

Biometric security

The use of biometrics in security has completely replaced traditional methods of protection around the world. This is due to the fact that biometrics is more foolproof than the typical passwords and pincodes that can be easily hacked. Be it for unlocking your iPhones or dealing with cross-border official services, biometrics plays an indispensable role in security enforcement.

Cloud biometrics

As cloud services and remote workers are on the rise, the combination of cloud biometrics with the help of A.I. is being explored. They bring easy accessibility and scalability to employers and make possible to management of voluminous biometric data.

Behavioral biometrics

A person’s behavior can also be used as an important biometric tool. Their gesture, walking pace, lip movements, voice patterns are all analysed at the same time. Virtual behavior is also a popular metric in recent times as the keyboard strokes of users are analysed. This is combined with typing patterns, speed, mouse movement to detect bot-like behavior.

A.I. and M.L.

The use of A.I. and M.L. in biometrics is already showing promising results. A.I. in particular has proven extremely efficient in snagging perfect matches at record speeds and reducing the risk of errors. Both technologies are supreme in scoping out potential threats in security systems and eliminating them. They also sport user-friendliness as everyone uses some kind of A.I.-based biometrics in daily life.

Finance and banks

Like many sectors, the finance department and banks are also ramping up efforts to use biometric to bolster their security. Consumers are also looking out for banks that use premium methods of data protection as cyber criminals are on the rise.

Healthcare industry

Biometrics has revolutionized patient authentication systems in hospitals. Medical information is now accessed with the help of biometric data from patients. This doesn’t include only the regular biometric data like facial and fingerprint detection but also vital information like heart rates, blood pressures and O2 level.

Emerging biometric technologies

The field of biometrics is indeed a fast-growing one where several breakthroughs are being made every day. New types of biometric tech such as odor recognition, vein recognition, thermal biometrics, dental biometrics, signature analysis, hand geometry technology are all on the boom. Moreover, governments are utilizing biometrics for disaster response and studying the mainstream use of phone biometrics in law enforcement purposes.

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