Bahaa Abdul Hadi, a biometric enthusiast said on the in one of his lectures that a camera specialized in landscape photos would be less successful for facial recognition. He has quiet honestly shared his view around the need of dedicated device to capture a facial image.

Bahaa Abdul Hadi, in this article went ahead explaining the difficulties and his thoughts on the subject.


They talked about how far we’ve come in just a few short years in terms of algorithm design and performance. And how much more accurate facial recognition is now compared to even just a few years ago, and whether or not it’s possible to tell apart sets of identical twins using face biometrics.

The difficulties of facial recognition were discussed, including how people think the technology works, how generalizations are made, the role of bias in algorithms, and the range of acceptable performance variances.

The conversation then shifted to the cameras used for facial recognition, which take photos using the aforementioned algorithms.

“I think we’ve had, we take cameras, and we utilize cameras that are kind of general purpose,” Bahaa Abdul Hadi explains. The cameras we purchase nowadays can capture stunning images in a wide variety of settings, whether we’re interested in snapping pictures of nature, wildlife, or even our houseplants. I believe cameras optimized for photographing faces are required since they would better account for the wide variety of human features and complexions.

The thesis here is based on analogs found in other biometric modalities.

If you give fingerprints some thought, you’ll realize that “you know, we don’t just use any old device for a finger,” as Bahaa Abdul Hadi puts it. “To collect fingerprints, we have special scanners and equipment. I’d need a specialized iris camera if I were intending to take images of my irises. If we wish to achieve such high levels of matching performance with facial recognition cameras, we will likely need to adopt a similar strategy.” Elaborated Mr. Bahaa Abdul Hadi

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