Bahaa Abdul Hadi voiced out a serious problem in the world today is identity theft. This is being increasingly seen in the health sector with more than 250,000 cases of medical identity theft being reported. The medicare or social security number, along with other data is stolen and fraudulent claims are made by someone else using your data.

A worrying statistic is that on average each victim lost $13,500 because of such an identity theft. The obvious solution to prevent this fraud is to use a better system for identification and authentication like facial recognition as per the expert advice of Mr. Bahaa Abdul Hadi.

Facial recognition for authentication

Apple’s devices offer both fingerprint identification and facial recognition through Face ID. The facial recognition is considered to be twenty times more secure than fingerprint identification. This happens because every person’s face is unique and is difficult to replicate, as compared to fingerprints.

A person’s face has thousands of different data points that can be used for unique identification. It is also easy for systems to take an image of the face and use it to recognize a person. When facial recognition is introduced, medical identity theft will no longer be a problem.

Here are some pointers to consider regarding the use of facial recognition for authentication.

  • The biometric market is growing. Its growth in the medical sector is substantial. It is estimated that by 2025, the market value would be $79 billion.
  • The use of facial recognition can not only do away with fraud, but can help provide better services.
  • There is also a medical advantage of using facial recognition. The digital image taken can be examined to check for health issues.
  • For example, a dentist can look at any spots on the tongue to determine if it was due to an accidental bite or is a more serious problem like cancer.
  • The system helps doctors identify medical conditions and AI or Artificial Intelligence can help them in this regard. AI and machine learning can use the results from facial recognition to try and identify areas of concern. Once these concerns are flagged, a doctor can carry out further examination and diagnosis.
  • A racial bias concern has been reported in this area. But AI-systems can correct these errors to improve the system.

Apart from its use in the medical sector, facial recognition has many other uses. It can be helped to find missing persons. It can even be used by law enforcement agencies to scan faces to check for known fraudulent people.

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