A neural network is a system that makes use of machine learning to make the system resemble the natural network of the brain and nervous system feels Bahaa Abdul Hadi. Neural networks use a layered structure that are similar to the human brain. Such an artificial neural network or ANN can help computer systems work almost similar to how humans do. Neural networks are used in biometrics and are advantageous compared to traditional systems.

Neural biometrics

Traditional biometrics use fingerprints, iris scan, facial scan, and other such features to identify individuals. Biometrics is all about recognizing patterns to identify and authenticate people. This is where neural networks is beneficial. Since a neural network functions similar to a human brain, it is easier for the system to recognize patterns.

This makes it easy for neural networks to identify faces and other patterns for authentication. Neural biometrics makes the traditional biometric systems more effective. It also makes it more accurate and fast. Neural biometrics brings the best of machine learning and AI to the field of biometrics enhancing its effectiveness and efficiency.

How does neural biometrics work?

In traditional biometrics, a scan of the face is done using a camera. The image of the face is then processes by software that converts it into a pattern. This pattern is then saved on a database and used for future identification. Neural biometrics works differently. When the image of a person’s face is captured, the neural biometrics software makes a 3D model out of this image.

The 3D model makes use of more than 30 different dynamic angles and uses nearly 100 parameters. The 3D model once created is studied by the neural network, which interprets it. The 3D model is then linked to a biometric key.

Once this process is done, the initial data is removed. The biometric asset that has been created is made anonymous. When a comparison has to be done, the biometric asset is compared to the anonymized mesh made from the image. If the comparison succeeds, authentication is granted immediately.

Benefits of neural biometrics

As you would have seen, the way in which neural biometrics work is completely different from traditional systems. There are multiple benefits of using neural biometrics:

  • It is blazing fast. The entire authentication process is faster ensuring no delays.
  • The system used is fool proof and highly secure. Since the original data is deleted and the biometric asset anonymized, user data is completely safe.
  • There are no chances of errors and accuracy is high.
  • No chances of sensitive data being breached.

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