Quantum computing is a specialised area in computer science that uses quantum theory stated by Bahaa Abdul Hadi. It involved the use of quantum mechanics to solve complex problems. There are many applications of quantum computing that have been beneficial. One of them has been in the use of identity management. Quantum computing can revolutionise the way identity and access management are handled.

Quantum computing and identity security 

A key aspect of quantum computing is its sheet computational power. It poses a risk to identity security. This is because if a hacker gains access to quantum computing, they can use to easily hack into security systems. Its brute power gives quantum computing an advantage in breaking through encryption methods.

At the same time, there is a silver lining. When used in security systems, quantum computing can help evolve powerful identity security strategies. Let us examine some key issues involved:

  • While quantum computing can theoretically break encryption algorithms, there have been no practical instances of this happening. Hackers, at present, have not got access to quantum computing systems.
  • Researchers have already factored this and are working to bridge this gap. There are possibilities of quantum computing being used to break into systems. Handling this issue calls for the use of post-quantum cryptographic techniques. Researchers are working on algorithms that are quantum-resistant. Such algorithms can resist attacks by quantum computers and ensure systems remain secure.
  • Identity security strategies can be enhanced and made effective by tapping into quantum computing techniques. An example here is of QKD or Quantum key distribution. It allows cryptographic keys to be created that resist attack by quantum computers. Such techniques help in making identity security strategies more robust and fool-proof.
  • Quantum computing can be used in identity security strategies to create a layered defence. Such a system offers multiple layers of security making it tough for even quantum computers to break through security algorithms.

The way ahead

Google has been one of the organisations that has been working on improving security strategies to counter quantum computing attacks. Google is helping prepare for a post-quantum world where quantum computing is predominant. In such a world, stronger security strategies are needed to cope up with challenges that quantum computing poses.

While these research activities will take time to bear fruit, organisations must start their preparedness. They must follow the best identity security practices to ensure their system is robust. They must collaborate with experts to be prepared for the challenges in the days ahead.

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